Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Top 10 things I have learned in my first month here...

1. Good car insurance is not a need-- it is a must
2. In South Africa, even cheap wine is delicious
3. Sun burns in February are always a good thing-- always
4. There will be big probs if the government ever tries to impose a smoking ban here-- soooo many smokers
5. Talking about the weather is not as cool as it is in Canada
6. Giant cheap bags of basil are always on my grocery list-- always
7. One needs a gym membership here; otherwise you never exercise--- security issues demand that you drive EVERYWHERE
8. When producing soup thermoses or playing cards or shot glasses or pretty much anything, branding them with "The Big 5" is always the right decision-- always
9. Rubber boots can be used for much more than rain protection
10. A Braai is not a piece of women's underwear