Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Things have been good of late, though bad things always seem to be happening-- seems to be a daily occurance that something is damaged or stolen.

For example, on Friday, after a long week me and two roommates piled into her car for the drive home, only to find that someone had broken in and tried to start the car with a screwdriver, totally destroying the ignition. Lucky the car was not stolen, but it has been out of commission for a week, and we were stranded for a short time in a sketchy part of town at night, and if we had lef tthe car as it was it definitely would have been stolen. Security continues to be an ever-present concern. Luckily, nothing is very physical-- it's all about stealing stuff.

Saturday was fun--- went to a mall with friends to get a few things (still trying to set up my apartment), and then went to a coworker's place for a braai (BBQ) that night. After a lot of awesome South African wine, we thought it would be a brilliant idea to go to a dance club downtown, which was indeed brilliant. Except that another friend had her purse slashed and her cell phone stolen. Again, they didn't get her wallet--- could have been worse. But still. Uber irritating.

Sunday met up with the son of a friend of my mothers (random connection, i know) and his girlfriend, and we went out of the city to a beautiful botanical garden, complete with idyllic waterfall and winding paths. Had a little picnic in the shade and thoroughly enjoyed being out of the city for a few hours. Lovely.

This week has been, as usual, crazy busy at work. But continues to be interesting, independant and engrossing. Can't ask for much more. Went tuesday night to a movie--- keep pinching myself remembering I am not in Huancavelica anymore--- and will be going tomorrow night to a coworkers place for an anti-valentines party. Should be fun. So that is the update. Lots of social stuff and work and being busy, but also lots of security issues and the constant presence of theft threats. A funny limbo---- having fun but always on edge. I am sure it will get exhausting.

Anyway, that's my update! Will write more soon!!

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