Thursday, June 5, 2008

Busy busy bees

Things at work right now are ramped up in high gear as we prepare for the CIVICUS World Assembly in Glasgow, Scotland, which will be happening the 18th to 21 of June. So much work, last minute preps, delegate coordination, content, etc... So this entry will be a short blip, only to say that I am too busy to really write much.

I am excited to be going though-- will be leaving on the 15th, arriving the 16th, and will be there, crazy busy until the 22nd, when i leave and meet my friend Sarah in Madrid for 6 days in Spain before flying home to Joburg on the 29th. I am looking forward to this bit of travel-- between the work and the political situation and everything, will be nice to have a break!

Other activities of late include a foray into the wild world of the Johannesburg quizzing community. I have drummed up some interest in attending various events in the last few weeks, and we were actually 12 people at the last pub quiz on Tuesday, which was a blast!

And as a brief follow up to my previous posting, re: the violence in town and in the country, things calmed down significantly after the weekend, and life for most people is more or less back to normal now. There are still hundreds of people who have returned to their home countries, and thousands still displaced, living in temporary accomodation or tent compunds. and given how cold it is right now (we are almost into the depths of winter here), there is a lot of need. As the bitter cold sets in, and with food and fuel prices continuing to climb, we shall hope that the relative peace holds.

Take care and hope all is well with you!

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