Thursday, March 20, 2008


For the past week, we have been getting a taste of the upcoming winter months, and they taste like soggy lunch meat: cold and damp. Ugh. Since Sunday it has been raining pretty consistently, and the temperatures have dropped significantly (at least 15 degrees, often more at night). Weird to go from running a fan to running a heater in the span of two days. Apparently it is a little early for all of this mess since we are just moving into fall now. The worst of the cold is apparently in July and August, but I have seen my future, and it is not very warm. But oh well! It is back to being sunny this morning, with that delicious, almost vibrating blue sky, and we may get up into the mid 20s again temperature wise. So I shall take what I can get for now. But all of my gloating to friends and family about the awesome weather here... well... it may be coming back to karmically bite me in the butt.

I leave for the other side of South Africa tomorrow with friends, to Cape Town first, where I hope it wil be warmer and sunnier, and then renting a car to travel along the southern coast until next sunday (March 30), when we will flyback to Joburg and resume normal life. Will post again upon our return (hopefully not with stories of rain-soaked days and teeth-chattering nights). Happy Easter!

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